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1. Purpose: to create a truly safe and comfortable light class engine.

2. Method: two cylinders in line. This arrangement provides the smoothest operation of the engine and therefore is the most common in the 'adult' two-stroke engines. Due to minimal vibration, the vast majority of two-stroke boat, snowmobile and aircraft engines are made by inline arrangement.

3. Purpose: single motorized hanqglider trikes and paratrikes, single microplane, unmanned aerial vehicles, equipped with sensitive optical systems.

4. Design: The design used only classical technical solutions, materials and technologies. The functional components were made by the best specialized manufacturers. All other parts are manufactured in our own production under full control.

5. Comfort: Amplitude of vibration inline engine are 2-4 times less than a similar single-cylinder engine, and its frequency is 2 times higher. Therefore, in the main operating modes such as vibration of completely absorbed standard rubber engine mount block, is not transmitted to the structure and is not perceived by pilot or equipment.

6. Reliability and service life: Soft work of two-cylinder engine and a comparatively large working volume help to reduce the load on the parts. Forced cooling maintains a stable temperature and ensures the preservation of the oil film between the cylinder and the piston.

7. Service: It is known that the belt gear of a one row engine works several times longer than a single cylinder. The cooling fan mounted directly on the crankshaft and thus the cooling system maintenance is free of service. Using one float carburetor to both cylinders eliminates the need for control and synchronization settings.

Engine weight (one carburetor design, full set):

Measurement of static thrust on first fly engine:

The statick thrust test on these engine after one year improvement:

The sound of the engine in flight: 


· Crankshaft: Нusqvarna 3120XP (Raket 120) - Sweden.

· Cylinder and piston: Husqvarna 3120XP (Raket 120) - Sweden.

· Ignition: IDM srl- Italy.

· Carburetor: Mikuni VM24, TMX24- Japan, Walbro WG- USA, Japan.

· Belt gear: Optibelt- Germany


· Capacity: 2 * 118 = 236sm.

· Stroke * piston diameter: 42 * 60mm.

· Reduction: Standard 3.8. Optional: 4,0- 3,7- 3,9- 4,1.

· Power of one carburetor design version: 24hp at 8300rpm.

· Static thrust with a three-blade propeller diameter of 1.4 m: >85-90kg.

· The weight of the engine in complete set, including the gearbox, exhaust inlet and exhaust dampers fixing- 16kg

· Power in two-carburetor version: 26h. (planned).

· Power unmanned execution without forced cooling and reduction gear – 28hp. (planned).

One carburetor design:

Exhaust system:

Comparison of the dimensions of the engine 2R-i engine Simonini m2 +


Engine installed (mounted) on nanotrikes "Squirrel":

Tracktor configuration presentation

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